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Main objectives of CSIPPC:

  • the public oversight of the accountancy profession, according to the European directives;
  • to establish a strategic plan for the public oversight of the accountancy profession;
  • to coordinate the process of transposing International Audit Standards and Code of Ethics;
  • to promote and supervise the process of gaining public recognition of the statutory audits of annual accounts and consolidated accounts;
  • to establish effective cooperation and coordination at the European level with competent authorities regarding statutory audit and public oversight or other bodies involved in the process of legislating and applying specific standards regarding statutory audit and accounting;
  • to represent Romania, along with the national professional bodies, among the international institutions regarding statutory audit and public oversight, through participation in events, when necessary;
  • to elaborate the regulation on the organization and functioning of CSIPPC; to inform / respond to the European Commission demands regarding statutory audit and the public oversight of the accountancy profession at the national level.